Paint Correction


In the least amount of words possible, paint correction is the process to restore the original look of your paint. By using professional-grade Rupes polishers, pads and compounds we can remove defects such as scratches, swirls and any damage that is on the clear coat layer of your paint.

In the automotive world there is two different types of micro-abrasives available to use on your paint. In worst case scenarios, wet-sand papers are used to cut down your clear-coat and remover deeper, more aggressive scratches not able to be polished.

Liquid or diminishing polishes, are the most common micro-abrasive used by professionals to both remove defects and deliver stunning gloss. Rupes BigFoot system is designed to achieve the best results possible when used by a trained professional.

Paint correction is the perfect solution to enhance what you already have.

  • Snow foam process to loosen debris
  • Touchless high pressure rinsing
  • Multi bucket wash method to ensure there is no cross-contamination
  • Touchless air drying
  • Paint decontamination treatment bath, followed by synthetic clay system
  • Multi Stage machine polish with rotary or dual-action polishers to maximize gloss level and remove defects
  • Wetsand procedure if needed
  • Apply Protection in form of wax, sealant, or ceramic coating.

How Did My Car Get Scratches And Swirls?

99% of swirl marks and other imperfections are due to a combination of improper washing techniques, bringing your car through car washes or road contaminates like tar and iron.

How Can I Avoid Scratching?

The two-bucket method is the best known method to prevent scratching that you can do right now at home. We recommend using one bucket for clean soapy water, and a second to rinse off loose dirt into before dunking back into the clean bucket and two high-quality microfiber mitts and a large drying towel. Always use one mitt for lower areas and another for higher areas of your car to prevent cross-contamination.

50/50 Paint Correction

50/50 Paint Correction

50/50 Paint Correction

The Paint Correction Process

  • Restore any vehicle you own back to a brand new finish by removing any scratches and swirls with the best in class paint correction process.
  • Experienced team trained with professional-grade Rupes dual action polishers, pads and compounds.
  • Mechanical removal of swirls, scratches and other imperfections to achieve above new-condition gloss levels.
  • Perfect opportunity to add a ceramic coating or graphene coating.

Single Stage

A single stage correction is the best choice to remove light swirls and enhance gloss while adding clarity to the surface. Medium to large scratches and heavy swirling are not removed with this package.

Multi Stage

A multi-stage correction that aims to achieve up to 99% of defects removal. This extremely thorough process enhances finish that exceeds even a brand new car.