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Paint Correction


Paint correction is the process of removing or reducing scratches using machine polishers in various forms combined with cutting compounds, polishes or in worst-case-scenario, wetsanding papers. Our methodical system is designed to achieve the best results possible when used by a trained professional. Paint correction is the perfect solution to enhance what you already have.


Defects such as swirl marks are due to a combination of improper washing techniques.

Automated car wash brushes push dirt into the paint, marring the clear coat paint which gradually deepen over time, gradually dulling the shine.

Hand washing can also be very dangerous if proper technique is not performed, drying a vehicle without a lubricant can mar your paint which eventually dull the shine.

Tar, sap bugs and poo wreak havoc on unprotected surfaces. Tar or sap can stick to the paint, and can chip off paint when it is removed. Bugs break down and form a chemical reaction that can possibly penetrate the clear coat or leave etching trails. Nature takes it course, and some of us aren’t lucky. Poo is terrible and probably the worse of all environmental contaminates, as it penates the clear and leaves etching if left unattended.

Hard water can also damage your paint. Mineral deposits left behind from evaporated water can etch through your paint which can lead to failure.


Not all scratches can be removed, deep scratching that penetrates the clear coat or base coat paint can only be repaired by repainting.


Single Stage – Performed as bare minimum for a ceramic coating installation or as an All In One solution to shine and protect. Mainly removes light swirls.

Compound & Polish – Your average vehicle requires a two step compound and polish to remove most defects.

Full Correction – Typically reserved for garage queens, as this process involved 3 stages of polishing and can achieve maximum defect removal.

Wetsanding – The absolute best correction achievable, a wetsanding procedure involves physically sanding out scratches that are too deep for polishing.