Graphene Coatings

The Ceramic Coating Successor: Graphene Coatings

We are pleased to announce The Detail Shop is now an official installer of IGL Coatings Kenzo+ Graphene.

Ceramic coatings have been getting all of the attention in the few years, originally known as the wax killer, however there is a new guy in town: graphene coatings. Lets go over the science behind this new technology and why its an incredible advancement in paint coating technology.

Harder than diamond yet more elastic than rubber; tougher than steel yet lighter than aluminium.

To start, graphene offers a single layer of graphite that is flexible yet extremely durable, the strongest known to man yet.

What are the advantages?

Typically, ceramic coatings are silicon oxide (SiO2) plus quartz based. If not taken care of and maintained properly, eventually hydrophobic property is diminished over time even though the coating still is protecting the surface.

Ceramic coating is also known to retain heat, which can cook water into a hard mineral deposit.

Ceramic coating has less water contact angle whereas graphene’s honeycomb-like structure produces a wider contact angle enabling better water sheeting, opposed to water beading of a ceramic coating.

Ceramic coating is more static-conducting which can attract dust and other tiny particles in the air. Graphene is the opposite, it is said to be anti-static to repel dust from sticking.

What else can graphene offer?

The chemical properties of graphene are similar to ceramic coating, with a few added bonuses.

  • Minimum durability of 5 years.
  • Higher water contact angle help to lessen the chance of hard water spots
  • Extremely hydrophobic
  • 10H Hardness with silk-like feel
  • Wet glossy shine appearance
  • Increased resistance to chemicals, such as sodium chloride — which they put down on roads in the winter to prevent ice


What about the costs?

Unfortunately, like with most new cutting edge technologies there is usually a premium to pay to call yourself an ‘early adopter’. So you will see that having your car coated with graphene instead of ceramic will end up costing slightly more.

From a professional detailer standpoint, we believe graphite based coatings will be the future of vehicle protection naturally due to the superior chemical structure.

Because all coatings create a permanent bond with a vehicle’s factory paint, it is necessary to fully decontaminate and correct all painted surfaces before application.

A physical vehicle inspection is mandatory before we can determine the scope and pricing of the work to be performed. This is to make sure we can provide you as a customer with the best results possible.

Some vehicles paint condition may not qualify to be serviced. TDS will never sell a service or product that does not provide flawless results.