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Graphene Coating

The Ceramic Coating Successor


What are the advantages?

Graphite is “Harder than diamond yet more elastic than rubber; tougher than steel yet lighter than aluminum.

Graphene is an SiO2 based ceramic coating infused with a single layer of graphite that is flexible yet extremely durable.

The Detail Shop uses professional only silicone-carbide based nanocoatings. Most consumer grade ceramic coatings are silicon oxide (SiO2). If not taken care of and maintained properly, eventually hydrophobic property is diminished over time even though the coating still is protecting the surface.

Consumer grade ceramic coating has less water contact angle whereas graphene’s honeycomb-like structure produces a wider contact angle enabling better water sheeting, opposed to water beading of a ceramic coating, this helps prevent water spots.

Professional grade graphene coating provides superior water sheeting and beading versus consumer grade ceramic coating.

Consumer grade ceramic coating is more static-conducting which can attract dust and other tiny particles in the air. Graphene is the opposite, it is said to be anti-static to repel dust from sticking, virtually dispelling dust rather than allow it to just sit on top.

What else can graphene offer?

  • The chemical properties of graphene are similar to an SiO2 based ceramic coating, with a few added bonuses.
  • Minimum durability of 5 years.
  • Higher water contact angle help to lessen the chance of hard water spots
  • Extremely hydrophobic
  • 10H Hardness with silk-like feel
  • Wet glossy shine appearance
  • Increased resistance to chemicals


Nanocoating Protection

• Paint decontamination clay bar
• Clean tires, wheels, and fender wells
• Door, hood, trunk jams cleaned
• Dress tires and trims
• Streak-free window and mirror cleaning
• Paint decontamination and clay bar

• Scratch Removal / Paint Correction*
• 1 Year or 5 Year Warranty

Typically 1-3 days to complete

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