Complete Detail Package

Complete Detail Package

A meticulous and methodical wash, great for maintenance or first time professional detail.

Great for maintaining an already detailed vehicle, or to have the exterior properly washed. A meticulous hand wash reduces the amount of scratches on the paint shiny surface. Don’t go to a machine wash when you can have it done properly!

Cadillac CTS Snow Foam


  • Snow foam process to loosen debris
  • Touchless high pressure rinsing
  • Multi bucket wash method to ensure there is no cross-contamination
  • Touchless air drying
  • Clean tires, wheels, barrels & fender wells
  • Dress tires with non-sling dressing
  • Vehicle trim cleaned & dressed
  • Streak-free window and mirror cleaning
  • Paint sealant applied for up to 3 months of protection
  • Interior is fully vacuumed including hard to reach areas
  • Dashboard, door panels, side trims, kick panels, wiped clean and protected.