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Coating Maintenance

Coating Maintenance

The only way to maintain your vehicle’s surfaces after a nanocoating, ceramic coating or graphene coating, has been applied is to hand wash, bring through a touchless wash, or schedule monthly cleanings.

The Detail Shop offers vehicle maintenance to help you keep your coated vehicle looking good as the day you picked it up!

Express Detail Package

Exterior and Interior Regular Cleanings are the best way to keep your vehicle looking as if its never dirty, and always has that just-been-detailed look even between cleanings.

Recommended bi-weekly or monthly
Pricing from $99

We offer an annual package to pre-schedule bi-weekly or monthly cleanings
Pricing from $999

You are required to bring your vehicle for an annual inspection to maintain the warranty validity.

TDS Guide to Washing Nano-Coated Vehicles

We have made an easy to use guide for you to get started the correct way if you are washing your vehicle yourself.

We don’t include product names or recommend any specific brand of product, they all will get the job done in similar fashion.

We are working on expanding this section to include videos, check back for updates or sign up for our monthly newsletter.


  • Avoid high volume brush style car washes, touchless or hand-wash only.
  • Using an automated car wash with brushes will void your warranty


  • Any type of carnauba based products should be avoided completely.
  • Only use detail sprays or quick detailers with ceramic or graphene infused properties.
  • Avoid soap with additives such as “wash n’ wax”.