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Bitcoin: A Peer-to-Peer Electronic Cash System

-Satoshi nakamoto

The Detail Shop LLC proudly supports cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin Cash.

Technology is advancing faster than it has ever before, we aren’t playing catch up, TDS has fully supported cryptocurrencies since 2017, and we are intrigued to witness the changes a permission-less decentralized currency bring to the method business is conducted.

So what is Bitcoin?
In simplest terms possible: Bitcoin is a method to exchange money without a middle-man. You control your money completely, which comes with responsibility that is typically automatically given to centralized banks.

Why would I want to use Bitcoin instead of USD?
The real question you should ask yourself, “Why am I not using Bitcoin instead of USD?” There really isn’t a correct answer. Either currently work, but one is controlled and valued by you, and the other is controlled and valued by the Federal Reserve Bank.

Do you offer a discount for Bitcoin transactions?
YES! We want to encourage you to use Bitcoin, supporting the next generation of technology advances.

Where can I learn more about cryptocurrencies?
We want to encourage you to take advantage of Bitcoins power, but you should be educated before doing so. We recommend if you haven’t yet used a cryptocurrency to visit, home of BitcoinCash, to learn more about how this advanced technology can spearhead the way businesses and individuals make transaction globally.

NOTE: Bitcoin & BitcoinCash are two separate coins. We like to think of Bitcoin as a store of value, such as gold was to the dollar. BitcoinCash is more usable for everyday usage similar in fashion to the dollar, but shares many of the same features of Bitcoin. Due to the low transaction fees, fast transaction times, and ease of use; we accept BitcoinCash and believe in the future of payment systems utilizing Bitcoin, BitcoinCash and the Blockchain network system.


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