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Top rated auto detailing in Connecticut

The Detail Shop, LLC is the top rated auto detailing, paint correction and coating specialist in Connecticut and the tri-state area. This is not just our job, this is our passion. As car enthusiasts, we take pride in treating every vehicle like it’s our own and guarantee the work performed is nothing short of perfect. In spare time, you might find us detailing and working on our own.

  • 10+ years of auto detailing experience
  • 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Conveniently located near all major highways
  • Licensed and Insured
  • Accredited System X Coating Installers
  • Accredited SPS Graphene Coating Installers

Popular Questions

Is a touchless car wash okay to use?
While a touchless car wash won’t offer the thoroughness of a hand wash, it will serve as a decent maintenance wash. Touchless washes are great in the winter for removing salts and chemicals from your undercarriage.
Will automated (bristle) car washes damage my paint?
Even though the systems and technology has improved in recent years for automated drive through car washes, they are still not a safe option for your paint and should be avoided at all costs. If a dirty truck caked with mud and debris goes through before you, and you go after — there is no telling if some of that debris is stuck in the car washes bristles and tools — potentially causing lots of damage and scratches to your paint.
How often should I wash my car?
It depends. Is the car coated in wax, sealant or ceramic? Do you garage your car? A lot of factors will change this answer but for a properly maintained vehicle that has been coated with at least a sealant or ceramic should be washed at least every 3-4 weeks. During the winter, we recommend weekly undercarriage washes when D.O.T is applying salt and other chemicals to the road as de-icer. These will stick to your undercarriage and accelerate rusting.
I have a scratch on my car, can you take it out?
Like the above question — it depends. First and foremost, are you able ‘catch’ your fingernail on the scratch? If so, that means the scratch went through the clear coat and paint into the metal / body work. Meaning, no amount of buffing or polishing could fix this. However if that is not the case, and it just went into the clear coat then yes, it is likely the scratch could be removed. Nevertheless, even scratches that do partially go past the clear coat can be improved and made less noticeable.

How safe is my choice of washing?

Contrary to popular belief, not all car washing services and methods are equal. For most people, time and convenience is the main factor in determining how they take care of their vehicle, but every car deserves to be pampered at least once in a while. Automated car washes, while effective are the most dangerous to your paint, while touchless offers a good maintenance fast wash, a detail by The Detail Shop will offer the safest and most thorough cleaning possible.

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