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About Us

Welcome to The Detail Shop!

TDS aims to achieve the best customer service and maximum satisfaction on every vehicle we place our hands on.

We are an Eco-friendly based shop / mobile service with a primarily focus on paint correction and nanocoating installation, as well as premium quality detailing for enthusiast or daily drivers.

Other services include, but are not limited to:

Vehicle or small part vinyl wrapping

Window Tint

Headlight customization

Interior audio, remote start and alarm

Our Processes


Our cleaning process involves a rinseless wash chemical to emulsify dirt from your vehicle, lifting it away from the surface.

It is the safest way to clean your vehicle while reducing micro-marring and reducing waste water.

Not all vehicles qualify for a rinseless wash, generally if the vehicle is covered in tap, sar and mud, it will need to be traditionally washed with higher or lower pH chemicals to safely remove contaminants.

Paint Correction

Our paint correction process is available in four different options:

Single Stage/AIO – Performed as bare minimum for a nanocoating installation or as an All In One solution to shine and protect.

Compound & Polish – Your average vehicle requires a two step compound and polish to remove up to 60-75% of defects.

Full Correction – Typically reserved for garage queens, as this process involved 3 stages of polishing and can achieve up to 90% defect removal.

Wetsanding – The absolute best correction achievable, a wetsanding procedure involves physically sanding out scratches that are too deep for polishing.

All of these processes have their place, and for most enthusiast, we suggest a two step compound and polish.


Our unique methodical and meticulous interior process involves various air tools and cleaning equipment that can range from carpet and seat shampooing, steam cleaning, leather treatment, odor removal, and more.


The Detail Shop takes pride in offering the absolute best ceramic and graphene nanocoatings available to professional-only installers with accreditation.

Key features of nanocoatings:

Enhances gloss. The chemical compounds found in coatings significantly boost the gloss level.

Long term solution. Coatings only needs to be applied once, available in 2 year, 5 year, 7 year and lifetime durability.

Less maintenance. The hydrophobic surface allows dirt to be pulled off the surface by simply rinsing.

Reduces scratches. Coatings chemically bond to clear coat surface enhancing hardness.

Prevents UV damage, staining and chemical etching. Coatings act as the first line of defense against unfriendly contaminates.

*A vehicle inspection is mandatory for us to accurately quote your vehicle.


Nanocoating pricing is available by contacting us for an inspection (we come to you).

This special pricing is not endorsed or sponsored by Town Fair Tire.

Exterior Cleaning – $79+ (wash, decontaminate, protect)
Interior Cleaning – $99+
AIO Polish – $399+

We ask in exchange for discounted pricing, you help us by sharing your vehicle on socials with us tagged!

Gina federici
Gina federici
My car came out so Shiny I forgot my paint was metallic beautifully done inside and out highly recommend
Todd Clark
Todd Clark
I finally found my detail shop! I had been looking for quite a while for someone to do a paint correction and ceramic coating on my 2017 Audi TTS. It’s metallic black, so needless to say I needed someone who would pay attention to detail and knows their way around working with black paint (no swirl marks etc…). Let me tell you, I’m glad I found Mike’s Detail Shop. I called him, he called me back the following day. After a brief conversation, he offered to drive out to my house to see my car. We made plans, he showed up on time, looked at my car and told me what he would need to do and what kind of results he would expect. He would need my car for two days and he doesn’t give loaners, so be prepared to have alternate transportation. I made the appointment, which was about 3 weeks out and dropped off my car. He currently works out of his home, but no worries, he garages your car and also uses the same garage to work on your car. After a day of working on the car, he sent me a few before and after photos that looked incredible. What a difference! The photos pretty much put an end to any residual thoughts I had about it turning out right. He called me on the 2nd day (rain was forecast) and asked if he could keep it one more day to make sure the ceramic coating had a good cure. The process isn’t cheap and I wanted this done right, so I picked up the car on the third day.
As soon as I saw the results, they were everything I expected and I had no disappointments. The car looked incredible. If this is something anyone reading this is thinking about getting done, have no doubts or worries. Mike knows what he is doing, pays attention to detail, and is a complete professional. I give him 5 stars because it’s deserved. Well done and one more happy customer.
Rebecca Raucci
Rebecca Raucci
Martin James
Martin James
Alexi Giantomidis
Alexi Giantomidis
Mike is very professional with his work, does a great job, and answered every question I had about keeping my car clean after the paint correction. I will be coming back next time I need a paint correction, and I recommend this place to anyone out there looking for a great detail shop.
Bryan Olivares
Bryan Olivares
Chris Skiest
Chris Skiest
Amanda Gabianelli
Amanda Gabianelli
Mike did an outstanding job with my interior detail! My car looked (and smelled) brand new when I picked it up – no dog hair in sight! To top it off, he surprised me with an exterior wash. I highly recommend The Detail Shop!
john c (Jcon)
john c (Jcon)
Thorough and careful. Doesn’t miss one spec of dirt or debri. 10/10 would use again
Tony Dorn
Tony Dorn
Mike is perfectionist perfectionis Mike is really cares about the outcome of your car. Very reliable very responsible. Would recommend him highly.



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